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I wish i had a police box

it's the only way to travel

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i wish i lived in a police box
Eighteen and a student. I live in england, and am currently loving all things Doctor Who, LOST, Dexter, Life on Mars and Misfits.
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Doctor Who: Doctor/Rose, Ten/Master(Simm), Amy/Rory
LOST: Kate/Jack, Charlie/Claire, Dan/Charlotte, Sawyer/Juliet, Desmond/Penny, Sawyer/Claire, Claire/Kate, Richard/Jacob, Richard/Miles, Sawyer/Miles, Ben/Locke, Jin/Sun
Misfits: Alisha/Curtis, Nathan/Kelly, Nathan/Simon
Life on Mars|Ashes to Ashes: Sam/Gene(bromance), Sam/Annie, Alex/Gene
Dexter: Dexter/Rita, Deb/Lundy
Friends: Chandler/Monica, Joey/Rachel, Joey/Chandler
Sherlock Holmes: Holmes/Watson
Digimon: Takeru/Hikari, Taichi/Sora, Taichi/Yamato
Harry Potter: Ron/Hermione